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Registered Users: 16562. Welcome to our new member snow (xue) who registered on 19/11/2019 08:33:26 UTC. Many thanks for having joined us.

12/11/2019 02:26:25 UTC
Looking for a site that can explain what’s whizzing by overhead. Interested in spotting Starlink trains before they spread out.

16/10/2019 02:01:43 UTC
Greeting. I have been in the radio hobby for many years. Many Amateur radio operators make contact via satellites. It will be interesting to track some of these satellites.

23/09/2019 01:53:56 UTC
So excited about seeing this tonight. I’m a science teacher in middle school. Just took a group of 6th graders to fly a mission at The Challenger Center last week in Hazard. Kentucky!

08/09/2019 12:20:13 UTC

07/09/2019 16:43:31 UTC
Hello from Zarate-Argentine.... Now registered and following!

03/09/2019 14:54:05 UTC
Hallo, greetings from Slovakia :-)

20/08/2019 08:04:38 UTC

08/08/2019 09:37:37 UTC
Hello - New - SW USA

03/08/2019 21:59:36 UTC
03/08/2019 22:00:10 UTC
Hi,, i see ISS from Bragança - Portugal - 21:45 local.

01/08/2019 07:43:13 UTC
HI everyone. Yesterday I saw Luca Parmitano was working on a panel that seemed appear to contain pressurized tanks. I thought it seemed that he was looking for a gas leak and then intervened to close it. Could anyone please explain me what he was really doing? BR, Andrea

01/08/2019 07:05:52 UTC
Hi everyone. My name is Andrea. I'm from Italy. I work like chemist but I have a real big passion for physics too. My interests concern particle physics, in particular. I have also been interested in astronomy: the possibility of seeing Earth with the ISS's eyes is fascinating. Ciao

26/07/2019 23:26:52 UTC
ciao a tutti. non riesco a visualizzare le telecamere in diretta web. sapete dirmi se ci sono dei problemi tecnici in atto? eventualmente potreste darmi dei riferimenti per risolvere il problema? grazie

22/07/2019 18:40:42 UTC
buonasera a tutti io sono nuovo mi sono registrato oggi al sito un saluto da bolzano italia a tutti

20/07/2019 12:45:43 UTC
Patiently waiting to talk to the crew of the ISS again on their next pass.

31/05/2019 19:11:35 UTC
Hello and greetings from the United States! I am a lifelong amateur astronomer and satellite sky watcher. I was a Red Cross satellite communications volunteer (VSAT) on their ECRVs (which are now retired). I observe nightly (mostly naked eye) for visible passes of satellites and other objects in orbit.

17/04/2019 07:52:51 UTC
Hi there, I'm from Austria, an watching since a few month, du you know is there anything wrong with the 'passes' function ? I get not one visible pass within the next 5 days ? that seems impossible... anyone the same experience ? kr Greg

15/03/2019 15:28:43 UTC
Depuis un certain temps, il m'est impossible voir la vidéo retransmise depuis l'ISS. Quelqu'un peut-il me donner la solution ? Merci. Salutations.

14/03/2019 03:05:31 UTC
Greetings, sky watchers! What a great site, eh? I would watch Skylab pass by every chance I got.

18/02/2019 00:10:39 UTC
18/02/2019 00:12:55 UTC
Newbie here on this site. looking forward to possibly talking to the crew on amateur Radio again some time and am planning to receive the SSTV transmissions on the next pass commemorating the 30 of amateur radio being live on the station

08/02/2019 19:45:31 UTC
Halo brader

07/12/2018 04:15:32 UTC
hi everyone, lots of exciting science on the ISS, facinating stuff

05/12/2018 17:38:17 UTC
Hello everyone and hi to ISS crews,newbie frm Brunei btw and this is my frist time in my entire life to see this amazing iive image frm the ISS station lol..really interesting,keep up the good work guys!

06/11/2018 18:54:44 UTC
"For development purposes only" ???

22/10/2018 05:48:58 UTC
Hi all, Dave from Tallahassee, Florida USA Got to watch all the Appolo laucnches in the 60's. Glad to find this site.

09/10/2018 11:05:19 UTC
Hello.. Everyone on ISS... This is Rakesh Patel...!!! Its really a surprise for me that I just came to know about this website became part of this community.. !!!

18/09/2018 01:30:09 UTC
Hello from Macon GA! Just registered after stumbling onto this website while researching iridium satellites for use onboard private jets. Ran across the term “ iridium flares” and as an avid amateur astronomer and sky watching pilot, I searched and found this site which surprisingly predicted a sighting only 10 minutes later. Took my 12 year old (youngest of 4 daughters) outside just in time to see it. Incredible! Seemed to pulse every few seconds. Can’t believe I’ve never noticed anything like this in the 50 years I’ve been staring at the sky!

13/09/2018 13:27:19 UTC

12/09/2018 16:23:28 UTC
Hello from the alluvial plains of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado! I joined to better help my Dad and I to catch an Iridium Flare before they are gone for good. We often go out together to spot the ISS and once we even saw a shuttle catching up to and then next day saw it docked with the ISS. Pretty Cool!

02/09/2018 09:17:33 UTC
Hi, Dan in UK. I'm more of a casual observer, with an interest in older objects such as Telstar 1 and Explorer 7. Also the UK's Prospero and it's launch vehicle Black Arrow.

31/08/2018 20:31:08 UTC
Hello every one. I'm new to this site and I found it while trying to pin point Black Knights' location in the sky. I don't even have a telescope yet so I'm very new.Just kind of easing into this for the enjoyment.

27/08/2018 12:36:53 UTC
Greetings from Woodstock, GA, Cultural Center of the Universe. I live just a bit north of Atlanta, GA, where we will be hosting DRAGON CON in three more days. I can GUARANTEE that there will be PLENTY of ISS fans at the con; Maybe we will all gather outside one day and wave at you as you go by!

26/08/2018 19:38:24 UTC
Hello All, New to this site.

24/08/2018 15:03:15 UTC
Hello to all from Eastern Kentucky, USA. It's good to be part of this community!

12/08/2018 18:36:57 UTC
Hallo alle zusamen.

01/08/2018 22:20:39 UTC
Greetings from Inowrocław, Poland :)

01/08/2018 22:00:56 UTC
Hello from Poland. Just registered and following!

30/07/2018 22:49:54 UTC
Hello everyone, i found this website and i do not hesitate to register as i already followed ISS when it was possible to see the space station above France. This is the country where i live. My name is Michael and i am proud of every thing able to take place in the sky . A lot of thanks to the team who keep updated. They share a lot of information and it makes people like me happy ! ( quiet sur i am not alone ! ). Michael

27/07/2018 05:43:43 UTC
Hello everybody. My name is Eduardo, I live in central Mexico. I found this site by accident but now I love it. Last week I had the chance to see several ISS passes, now I'll have to wait until Aug 14th to see the Station again, hope weather allows me to do so. I'll be posting as much as I can, wishing my hand to have the ability to hold the camera in the right angle to bring you some videos. Greetings to everybody! :)

14/06/2018 01:05:40 UTC
hi i am ahmed elghobashy from egypt damietta city i could see iss passing over my home many times i track it and succeeded to view it

31/05/2018 21:37:14 UTC
Hi everyone, my name's Marcin, and I enjoy observing satellites and stars. I have quite a good place to do it, because I live in forest, far away from bigger cities. I'm an amateur observer, but maybe one day it will change :) Cheers to You all folks!

23/05/2018 22:15:36 UTC
Hi and glad to be here. In the middle of the pacific on Maui.

21/05/2018 09:43:56 UTC
Hi to all space-addicts ! I'm Matthew from Vienna, Austria. Completely new in this Universe but fascinated ever since. I just startet 2 weeks ago to watch the moon, ISS, some bright dots and suddenly i understood to do more, much more, observation. This site is now something like my personal-coach and it helps me that much. Thank you for that, love your site. I'll keep an eye on you ;-) . Wish you a dark night and all the best, matthew...

03/05/2018 16:10:39 UTC
hi all just new to the site . will have to see what,s going on

01/05/2018 23:14:44 UTC
What satellite will burn up and will St. Louis Missouri be able to see it?

30/04/2018 23:34:17 UTC
01/05/2018 23:12:10 UTC
Hey guys I'm 11 and can you tell me a lot about satellites because I think space is really cool!!!

18/04/2018 06:35:41 UTC
Hello from Athnes Greece... Just registered and following!!!!!

01/04/2018 18:25:53 UTC
01/04/2018 18:42:06 UTC
Hello ! I am Atul V. Ainapure. Trying to monitor the Tiangong space station which is abandoned and left to fall on earth. Just wanted to know as How is it warned to the aeroplanes flying near by in the region where the Tiangong will be passing.

01/04/2018 14:22:40 UTC
I hope it goes low enough over Sydney so that we can see it burn up in the atmosphere.

01/04/2018 03:43:48 UTC
01/04/2018 03:50:06 UTC
Hello from Fort Bragg California.... Just registered and following!

01/04/2018 02:54:51 UTC
To Ming (Max) Kumusta Kaibigan. Formerly Zambales Province. Now in the SE US. To all other viewers Thanks for your welcomes. I look forward to learning from all of you and watching the skies. Buwan

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