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Registered Users: 32112. Welcome to our new member bpmlan (Bernard) who registered on 30/11/2022 05:06:49 UTC. Many thanks for having joined us.

30/07/2022 02:18:48 UTC
Hello everyone I'm Khalid from Iraq joined satflare to see and check the satellites and the new information about them.

10/06/2022 12:28:23 UTC
Bonjour à tous, j’ai toujours été attiré par ce qu’il se passe au-dessus de moi. Très intéressé par le ciel profond, l’ISS, Starlink, etc, je vous ai trouvé un peu par hasard et j’en suis ravi. Bonnes observations à tous.

04/04/2022 18:15:16 UTC
I've been watching the ISS for a long time, but my most vivid memory is of one of the Shuttles and the ISS close together as I sat outside a pub in Norfolk (UK). I figure the ISS is the most remarkable achievement. I did go to Baikonur for a Soyuz launch a few years back (happier times).

22/03/2022 14:57:11 UTC
Que onda amigos observadores, me llamo Julio César y soy del norte de México 🇲🇽. Me encanta esta página la cuál acabo de descubrir, espero pronto poder aprender todas las funcionalidades y colaborar gratamente en esta comunidad.saludos

22/03/2022 14:57:08 UTC
Que onda amigos observadores, me llamo Julio César y soy del norte de México 🇲🇽. Me encanta esta página la cuál acabo de descubrir, espero pronto poder aprender todas las funcionalidades y colaborar gratamente en esta comunidad.saludos

24/01/2022 23:55:34 UTC
25/01/2022 23:36:25 UTC
Hi fellow Satflare observers, I'm really pleased to join your group and observe the passage of the ISS. I find the whole journey of the ISS to be quite absorbing and even hypnotic to see places on this planet I will never get to.

06/01/2022 06:57:28 UTC
Hello from Little Neck, NY USA. Just found satflare recently and thought it would be a fun site to join. Cheers.

23/06/2021 15:36:27 UTC
Greetings! I live in New Mexico, USA. I have been watching satellites since the US launched ECHO. Before that, I would listen to the Sputnik signal from orbit on my Dad's shortwave radio. I found this site while waiting for my Starlink Dishy. Thanks for the site!

21/05/2021 09:49:14 UTC
Hi Everyone, I am in Elmenteita, Kenya on Soysambu Conservancy and I am tracking lions using IR SAT (GPS/UHF) collars.

17/05/2021 19:15:58 UTC
Hi from northeastern Brazil. I am an amateur astronomer in this hobby since 2007. My focus is on visual observation of the sky with binoculars and telescopes. I also do some astrophotography. Sometimes during an observation session I spot satélites and even space debris reentry. That brought me to satflare.

08/05/2021 11:46:35 UTC
Hi everybody from Naples (Italy), I'm an aerospace engineering student and a space enthusiast. I'm particularly interested in altered gravity research and in Additive Manufacturing for out-of-Earth applications. Astrodynamics is also really fascinating for me and I'm really enjoing satflare with all the data and visualizations. Your're amazing people, that's why i joined the community!

30/03/2021 00:53:40 UTC
ISS tonight, picture taken from s phone!

17/03/2021 20:09:09 UTC any onr interested please send a mailer Alien2alien

17/03/2021 20:03:22 UTC
hi all from alien2alien check out the HD iss link especially when in the dark side of earth there is many items going right to left usually Nasa blue the screen ,Any ideas as to what the are REGARDS alien2alien

02/03/2021 07:55:29 UTC
Hi, everyone from a dedicated star, satellite and iss watcher. always looking up to the sky, seeing what i can observe. I live on the far south coast in NSW in Australia, great place to see lots of things.

28/12/2020 04:00:57 UTC
28/12/2020 04:19:23 UTC
Hi from Gold Coast, Australia. I had my first ever sighting of Starlink chain on 01 Nov 2020 at about 04.00. I only just left home when I caught sight of them, counting 10 and still going, I ran home to show my husband. But sadly he missed out. From then I have not seen anymore (not from a lack of trying) I've seen solo satellite i.e the impressive ISS and Hubble and other faint ones. I have used this plus several other sites, for prediction. And when all site agree of a sighting. I'm out there 10-15min, give or take, prior and watch, wait....15min after....nil sighting :(. I want my husband to witness this train of beauty to no avail. He has seen ISS and Hubble, but no Starlink. Any suggestion would be appreciate. Site used: *, SATFLARE,, and

20/12/2020 14:23:32 UTC
Hi folks, SpaceX deorbit burn i captured yesterday morning from classified mission.

02/12/2020 03:54:50 UTC
Hi Everyone, this is Pankaj Jani VU3PMJ, On Dec 1, 2020 No Signal No prediction Chart available on my Longitude and Latitude address, 73s and Namaste from Mumbai, India

09/11/2020 11:20:27 UTC
Good Morning everyone. Observed an ISS passover this morning. Very bright and clear. Tried to contact the onboard amateur radio repeater with no luck. Stay safe.

12/10/2020 20:32:56 UTC
Hello everyone from Poland (Lublin). I've just registered on SATFLARE. I'm interested in photographing satellites in difficult urban lighting conditions. Recently, in April and August this year, I was able to capture the flashing USA-32 (satellite Singleton):

08/09/2020 12:01:55 UTC
08/09/2020 12:02:27 UTC
Hi folks, Starlink 11 tonight Recorded with H.A modded A7s - 2 groups - 10° to 14° - WSW to SSW 7:39 pm NZT rise to 7:54 pm NZT rise.

10/08/2020 09:48:57 UTC
Starlink 9 - 10th batch from NZ tonight 6:44 pm NZST 6:44 am UTC

22/07/2020 02:14:41 UTC
Hi everyone, from Athens, Texas. I just registered here at SATFLARE. I've seen many ISS passes on my iPhone using ISS Detector app. It's going to take some time to get familiar with SATFLARE but it looks like a fantastic website. I used to watch Iridium flares. So cool. I hope SATFLARE can help me see some more of them along with satellites and the ISS.

14/06/2020 17:56:21 UTC
Saw about a dozen around a month ago, and have been waiting ever since. The skies have been cloudy and no passes for the next 5 days but the skies are clearing here is hoping to see it again.

11/06/2020 09:50:29 UTC
Starlink Train 5 tonight, Got to see seven very very faint satellites tonight here in Toowoomba

11/06/2020 01:51:22 UTC
11/06/2020 01:53:00 UTC
Hello everyone I’m in ohio in the USA long time iss watcher wanting to see the star link this site is awesome glad to be a member!!!

10/06/2020 10:59:23 UTC
10/06/2020 11:00:42 UTC
Good evening from the very chilly Adelaide Hills in South Australia! My name is Ann-Marie, I've always had a fascination with space and have been watching the skies whenever the ISS passes overhead. A bit disappointed that I didn't spot any Starlink satellites tonight but not going to let that stop me!!

09/06/2020 16:54:45 UTC
Hello from a satellite observer in Brunei

05/06/2020 07:56:34 UTC
Hi from Canada! Been out Starlink train spotting tonight. My dad has taken me out satellite spotting since I was little, and I'm recently getting back into it!

31/05/2020 16:31:47 UTC
Ciao a tutti, sono appena arrivato. Sono Antonio dall'altopiano della Sila in Calabria, dove meteo permettendo, il cielo di notte presenta uno scenario MERAVIGLIOSO. La sera prima di andare a letto, e durante i risvegli nutturni, non posso fare a meno di sbirciare il firmamento, osservare la via lattea, e ogni volta è un'emozione indescrivibile. Da piccolo ricordo che la nonna mi indicava quei puntini luminosi in cielo ai quali lei stessa dava il nome. Da allora quando alzo lo sguardo al cielo cerco "I TRI ALI" come chiamava lei la cintura di orione.

31/05/2020 11:22:16 UTC
31/05/2020 11:25:10 UTC
Hello all from bonny Scotland . I cant say that I have experience or knowledge of the solar system or space. I simply stare into the dark sky's where ever I go and wonder what is up there !.As an engineer I know what it takes to make a trip to the stars happen ,well done to every man ,woman who helped make our journey to touch the blackness of space .Maybe one day we will meet our neighbour's.

27/05/2020 15:27:11 UTC
27/05/2020 15:30:28 UTC
Thank you, I wish a good trip to all from Puglia!

25/05/2020 00:17:17 UTC
25/05/2020 00:17:52 UTC
Great to be on the message board at long last . Hope i can find something to share will all.

23/05/2020 00:53:23 UTC
Hello, I try to see live but I see only the ISS from the top cannot see the earth

20/05/2020 17:12:41 UTC
Hello everyone I'm Nye, an artist based on London. I'm interested in tracking satellites for a new artwork I'm developing. I'm pretty much a newbie in this area but excited to find out more.

13/05/2020 20:38:35 UTC
Hello, I am Daniel González, from Santiago, Chile.

13/05/2020 01:31:42 UTC
13/05/2020 01:32:38 UTC
Hello. I'm Sergio Zaina from Tremembe-SP, Brazil!

11/05/2020 16:55:31 UTC
Hello from Brazil - São Sebastião do Paraíso - MG

10/05/2020 21:43:32 UTC
Hello everyone, I don't know much and want to learn about astronomy.

04/05/2020 16:59:30 UTC
Helo from the southern tip of Lake Michigan. I’m an amateur astronomer for 55 years now and my son is an astrophysicist. My first memory of a ‘satellite’ spotting was Apollo 11, in the constellation Gemini, on their way to the moon! Last night at 9PM CDT I was casually looking at the sky on a rare clear night and spotted the last dozen satellites in the latest Starlink group. They were about 30 seconds between each and spaced 10 degrees apart. I didn’t know what they were at the time, except that they were satellites. But investigation led me to this site, and I am pleased to be a new member. I plan to see the next group sooner after launch to see the “train” of satellites. Cheers!

04/05/2020 13:02:15 UTC
Hi I am siddharth and currently locked down in Hyderabad. Love tracking and watching the skies. Do star trails every now and then. A couple of months back I was shooting Tancho Cranes in Hokkaido and saw the entire starlink train pass overhead in some spectacular night skies. Have seen the ISS over Hyderabad as well just after some rains and the sky was clear. Would love to be a part of this community and learn and share.

03/05/2020 16:32:14 UTC
03/05/2020 16:33:49 UTC
Greetings all. I have been watching satellites go over since I was young and watching TelStar go over the DC area. We used to call the Smithsonian hotline to get the times of the passes so we could go out and watch for the passes. I now live in Naples, FL and am 69 years old. Now I get text notifications on my cell phone. Technology has come so far, but I find it still amazing to go out and just watch as they go over.

03/05/2020 04:30:31 UTC
Good-day everyone I'm Deon from Durban South Africa. With this Lock-down it is still the most beautiful eye site to look at. I'm old near 60 but new to this so will need some help.

01/05/2020 03:19:27 UTC
I just watched star link go by and am fascinated by it. I’m from Seminole, FL. I’m hoping to learn some new things while at home during the lockdown.

30/04/2020 05:12:19 UTC
Hello, I'm James from Jarreau, Louisiana, USA and just started learning about this site and the ability to get satellite tracking info. I've been getting so bored during the "stay at home/quarantine times for the Corona Virus". No live or broadcast sporting events to attend or watch anymore has really left me searching for things of interest. I'm hoping to get to see the satellite train and the Int. Space Station from my location.

29/04/2020 17:05:53 UTC
Hello skywatchers! Just registered after an unfruitful attempt to spot Starlink a few nights ago. Saw a piece about it in the local rag (Huddersfield Examiner) but the location info was poor, so I saw nothing. Have been interested in astronomy since I was a kid, and had that interest renewed when I lived in France a couple of years ago; lucky enough to be in regions with almost no light pollution. Wonderful! BTW - What's a satellite 'flare'??

28/04/2020 07:43:56 UTC
Hello everyone. My name is Jim Heise. I am a professor in mechanical engineering at Iowa State University. I teach mechanical engineering design and advise the Cardinal Space Mining Club at ISU. We have been competing in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition yearly since 2010. I enjoy engineering and have been getting more and more interested in aerospace engineering and planetary geology since being involved with this competition. Recent commercial space activity has my curiosity peaked to begin closer tracking a space objects.

25/04/2020 09:41:10 UTC
Hello everyone, I'm Ola from Poland - Jastrzębie-Zdrój. I like to admire astronomical night phenomena since I was a child.

24/04/2020 08:48:30 UTC
Good morning everybody! Its Monika here, Poznan, Poland. I love to stargaze sice I was a kid :) Now I have found you, and hope to enjoy night sky even more! I have no experience, just bare eye and constellation map.

23/04/2020 13:37:50 UTC
23/04/2020 14:29:03 UTC
Hello everyone! I'm from Utrecht in the Netherlands. Watching the starlink 6 satellites pass over half an hour after their launch yesterday made me join this website because of it's tracking capabilities. I am mainly experimenting with receiving SSTV images from the ISS and pictures from weather satellites like Meteor M2 and NOAA.

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