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Registered Users: 12910. Welcome to our new member Mrscott (scott) who registered on 19/03/2018 01:39:17 UTC. Many thanks for having joined us.

12/03/2018 11:45:04 UTC
ciao sono Maurizio da Genova Italia sono radioamatore indicativo IW1QHZ vorrei ricevere le comunicazioni dell' ISS

09/03/2018 15:05:06 UTC
Hi all from the Uk , enjoying exploring the site ... Wow this is amazing .. I have a very keen interest in all things Space/tech related . Have a great weekens everyone . :-)

04/03/2018 07:33:24 UTC
Hey from the USA and the state of Alabama new to this site and hope to learn as I go so please take pity on me as I don’t know exactly what I’m doing or saying either thanks in advance too.

26/02/2018 12:36:08 UTC
Hello, my name is Harry and I'm an Amateur Radio Operator. KB8UBQ I live in Ohio and been interested in Space Station tracking for years. Hoping to make a contact sometime.

15/02/2018 09:45:36 UTC
Hello everyone. Greetings from Brazil!

15/02/2018 01:29:06 UTC
Greetings All, Looks like I'm one of many newbies to the site. Does anyone know if there is some kind of tutorial for getting started here?

29/01/2018 14:02:01 UTC
Hello everyone, I'm Michel and I'm watching you from a small village in the north west of France: "La Chapelle des Bois des Faulx". Have fun and enjoy ... Lemimi

28/01/2018 23:00:48 UTC
Bonjour de Pertuis dans le Vaucluse ( France )

28/01/2018 12:35:17 UTC
Salve a tutti,il mio nome è Quirino,cosa dire che amo l'astronomia e soprattutto il nostro pianeta.(perla rara se non unica) Un abbraccio a tutti.

23/01/2018 07:31:56 UTC
Hello from Manila, Philippines. My coordinates Latitude: 14.5503 ° N Longitude: 121.033 ° E

16/01/2018 20:57:53 UTC
Greetings from Dublin, Ireland :)

14/01/2018 23:26:31 UTC
Hello to all I'm Patrizia from Italy and I'm a simple impassioned

05/01/2018 20:33:07 UTC
Bonsoir, j'habite à Reims, en France. Je n'ai aucune notion d'astronomie mais je suit l'ISS depuis que l'astronaute français ,Mr Pesquet, nous a transmis tant de belles images. C'est magnifique! Bonne continuation à tous!

20/12/2017 08:14:39 UTC
Hi to everyone in the house. I am an amateur in this platform I wish to know more about the satellite, space, moon, sun, asteroids etc.

25/11/2017 10:00:15 UTC
Greetings from Classic Rock West Coast Radio in Vancouver, Washington USA

17/11/2017 22:53:27 UTC
First time ever on this type of info. don't know what i am doing, or looking for as of now, but am VERY INTERESTED IN THE BLACK HOLE WE CAN'T SEE IN THE ARCTIC. i can't even say if this is the proper forum for my many question's. need some help, ty.

03/11/2017 14:06:34 UTC
hello please to meet you . my coordinates are as follows latitude -19,458742 longtude 29,822889

14/10/2017 20:44:59 UTC
Hi.. Fabio from Florence, Italy

18/09/2017 07:11:23 UTC
Looking out ahead of 92317

18/09/2017 07:09:26 UTC
Hello everyone finding peace out in space

18/09/2017 06:47:15 UTC
hi all , i m new to this site , need help

17/09/2017 22:10:32 UTC
hello. pleased to meet you.

02/09/2017 23:18:25 UTC
sorry about the last post, I am not 678 years old I am a 68 year old cluts (fat fingers)

02/09/2017 23:16:04 UTC
Hello every one--just came across this site and it looks to be very interesting. I am a new bee when it comes to sky watching, not really--bin watching the stars and interested in astronomy most all my life (678 years) but other things got in the way (like making a living) I have not studied space tech very much-but willing to learn.

25/08/2017 03:36:14 UTC
Hi All, this is Matthew from Southwest Florida. Got back into skywatching after years of living in a light-polluted city and am looking forward to using some rudimentary equipment to get back into space, at least visually.

11/08/2017 17:11:57 UTC
Science teacher from England. Have been a regular watcher of the ISS passing overhead. Want to learn how to spot other things of interest!

04/08/2017 09:40:45 UTC
Hi everyone, I'm new observer from Poland. 2 days ago I saw ISS flying over Poland! It was amazing :) i wana see ISS again.

19/07/2017 18:12:07 UTC
Hi This is Pankaj M. Jani, Call sign VU3PMJ from Mumbai, India, Exited to receive SSTV images from International Space Station ( Zarya) from July 20th onwards at 21-00 hrs UTC time, wishing you all the best to all Amateur Radio operators around the world. This year specially homebrewed vhf/uhf satelite antenna operated with motorized rotor on my terrace. frequency 145-800 Mhz downlink frequency, FM mode, Equipment Yaesu 411E.

25/06/2017 13:16:52 UTC
Hello everyone my name is Keith and I'm an amateur but a long time sky watcher . Very excited to be a part of this group . Always looking to discover strange and new sightings . I found this sight by accident searching on the internet for new web sights and low and behold here I am . Hope to learn and hear a lot of new posts . thank you

26/05/2017 12:54:07 UTC
Hi Jono82! Welcome! Build your personal tracking list depending on the objects you want to observe! Enjoy

26/05/2017 04:40:43 UTC
Hi everyone, my name's Jon and I'm an amateur observer from the U.K(East England specifically). Found this site completely by accident and it seems that it has everything I could possibly need (& some!). Is there anything I should be checking out on here first?

03/05/2017 05:00:22 UTC
03/05/2017 05:05:22 UTC
At 7 pm from Argentina. 22:00 hs U.T. On Monday, May 1, a very interesting object, which had the peculiarity of going extremely fast and whose brightness ranged from magnitude -1.5 to +2.5, passed through the sky of Buenos Aires. Trajectory NW-SE crossed the sky like a bullet. I do not figure in Heavens-Above, I imagine it is a rocket stage launched freshly or an object that is about to re-enter the atmosphere. It was not the ISS we had observed several minutes earlier ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A las 19 hs de Argentina. 22:00 hs U.T. del día lunes 01 de mayo pasó por el cielo de Bs As un objeto muy interesánte, que tenía la particularidad de ir extremádamente rápido y cuyo brillo variaba entre magnitud -1,5 y +2,5 apróximadamente. Trayectoria NW-SE cruzó el cielo como una bala. No me figura en Heavens-Above, imagino que se trata de una etapa de cohete lanzada reciéntemente ó un objeto que está próximo a reentrar en la atmósfera. No era la ISS, que habíamos observado varios minutos antes

13/04/2017 18:03:30 UTC
Greetings Good Citizens of our pale blue dot! I am happy to be part of this group and excited to learn more. Thanks to to amazingly brave women and men on the ISS! You people are my heroes! I would love to make contact some time my call sign is KF5CYU. Have a great and and Godspeed! Paul

11/04/2017 11:43:28 UTC
Hi everyone! I'm a radioamateur from Italy and i like to have communications (QSO) through the satellites. Ciao from IK7HTB David in Taranto

22/03/2017 18:03:47 UTC
I am thrilled to join this elite group of members of the world community. Thanks a lot Satflare, very user friendly website. Your platform set-up for recreating the personal page for the registered members is a worthy mention. Looking for more exciting pictures from ISS. Great job, keep it up !

22/03/2017 10:31:14 UTC
Hello everyone, thrilled to have found this site, now I can keep a beady eye on you all up there, so no mischief! Glad to be part of the viewers from around the World. Please send me the lotto numbers for Saturday and thanks for the great work you all do!

19/03/2017 14:03:35 UTC
Hi Rocko, you may have seen CRS-10 departing form the ISS :

19/03/2017 12:15:28 UTC
19/03/2017 12:25:45 UTC
Hello there, I am new to the site and glad I found it., looks like a lot of good info here. I have been following and photographing the ISS for a couple of years now. This morning (March 19th)I photographed the ISS in the Western part of the state of Minnesota. I noticed preceding the ISS this morning was another satellite, practically on the same flight path, In fact when looking at my picture the ISS did cover the path of this other object, the only way you can see it in my photo is that when I stopped the exposure you could see the fainter line of this other object because it was in front of the ISS. I was wondering if anyone can enlighten me on what this object may be. I have tried other sites to see if I could find info but come across nothing. It was visible to the naked eye but a lot fainter than the -3.3 magnitude of the ISS. Thanks

09/03/2017 06:34:12 UTC
Hello I have followed with attention the development of the space station since lamision of the commander scott, greetings miguela bonola guzman

26/02/2017 11:59:38 UTC
Приветствую экипаж МКС! Я- "sm1lmn" из России гЛомоносов. Присоединяюсь в качестве наблюдателя. Счастливого Вам всем полёта и успешного возвращения на грешную Землю. Salut!!!

30/01/2017 18:38:57 UTC
Hi everyone... I have been interested in the sky since being a young lad in the Boy Scouts. In the 70's I ground and polished about 8 telescope mirrors of increasing sizes culminating with my working on a team of 5 people that made a 24" reflecting mirror, and telescope for it, in Reno, Nevada. I continue my interest in the sky and amateur astronomy to this day, 50+ years later. I first heard about Iridium flares from a close friend in the early 90's. I witnessed a few random flares over the years but never subscribed to any service before that provided Iridium flare predictions like this site does. I am grateful for all of the work that it has taken to make this information so easily available. Thank you!

20/01/2017 20:43:42 UTC
22/01/2017 04:27:16 UTC
Hello Everyone ! Un gran saludo desde tierras Argentinas.Gracias por aceptarme en este importante e interesante sitio. Sorry my english its very poor for a long conversation hi hi !

06/01/2017 23:06:21 UTC
G'day all from Melbourne Australia. Had lots of fun last night watching the EV action. Now just enjoying the view from the ISS as the Earth slips past. Although I understand completely how every moment on a maintenance job outside the ISS has to deliver "bang for the buck", I was wondering if there could be consideration of cleaning the lens cover for the camera used for the HDD Earth Viewing Experiment? The views it records are fabulous, but it would be wonderful if they didn't have the dust smearing. Probably too much of an ask. Cheers.

31/12/2016 12:44:24 UTC
Hello all Amateurs all around. This is Pankaj Jani, VU3PMJ my address is Latitude :19.1415 North & Longitude: 72.8255 East Zone-22, from Mumbai, INDIA. I have received Eight ( 8 ) SSTV images between April 12th 2016 to April 15th 2016 and Three ( 3 ) SSTV Images between August 15th & 16th 2016 and received QSL cards from JARL, Japan, I am very exited by receiving this SSTV Images from the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION. Equipment used YAESU FT-411E, Frequency- 145.800 Mhz, FM Mode, Home made Qubical Quard Antenna & Yagi Antenna. The Elevation kept by using Protractor and using Magnetic Compass to locate ISS passes from Mumbai, India. ARISS has given DIPLOMA CERTIFICATES FOR THOSE WHO HAVE RECEIVED IMAGES OF SSTV IN 2015. WHY DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE IS NOT ISSUED THOSE WHO HAS RECEIVED THE SSTV IMAGES IN 2016, FOR EXAMPLE I HAVE RECEIVED MORE THAN 14 SSTV IMAGES.

17/12/2016 17:32:34 UTC
Bonsoir. Je viens de vous voir passer il y a 8 mn. Merci pour toutes ces belles photos 👌👌👌👌👌👌

17/12/2016 17:23:19 UTC
17/12/2016 17:23:50 UTC
Bonjour ou bonsoir Thomas et a toutes l’équipes de l'ISS merci pour toutes ces très belles photos et aussi de nous faire partager vos journées et bien sur hâte de vous voir dans le beau scaphandre , bien sur j'imagine quelques appréhensions vous trotte dans la tête vais-je aller ou pas ! mais je pense que c'est tout réfléchi pas tant d'effort pour en arriver la et faire marche arrière aller et encore félicitation a toi, notre ambassadeur Français de l'espace bonne continuation a toi.......

15/12/2016 19:14:02 UTC
Hello tous. Magnifique aventure. On se sent tellement petit quand on visionne en direct. Merci à vous de partager ces moments extraordinaires.

20/11/2016 22:21:35 UTC
22/11/2016 01:04:02 UTC
Hello from New Caledonia south Pacific.

16/11/2016 11:15:40 UTC
Many thanks to you all and welcome to the new members. We recently reached 10.000 registered users! Thanks for using SatFlare. Enjoy!

12/11/2016 10:29:31 UTC
Hello. My names Andrew and I live in Dunfermline, Scotland. I have been 'spotting' the IS for a couple of years now and have also seen a couple of other unknowns that travel south to north. Well I have a good pair of eyes and a even worse pair of binoculars. Hope I can contribute to the site

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