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International Space
Station - ISS
Expedition 42 Crew
Soyuz TMA-15M Launch
HD Video from
ISS cams (with overlay)
+Flare Predictions
In this page you can track in real time all the satellites orbiting the Earth, with both 2D and 3D interactive representations, predict their passes, view their trajectory among stars on an interactive sky chart, predict satellite flares and transits (across the Sun and the Moon), find out the best location to see these events on a detailed Google map. You can also follow satellite re-entries and other special events, join the observer community, post messages and share your comments and observations. Currently in our database we have more than 9000 observation reports!. You won't find any other tracker that provides all these functions!

Read Observers' Reports! is the only website that has a public DB of satellite observations where you can search for flare reports

Latitude [deg]
Altitude [km]
DEC J2000 [d:m:s] Sun El.[deg]
Longitude [deg]
Azimuth [deg] RA J2000 [h:m:s] Loaded SAT :

JD Elevation [deg] Magnitude


Do you want to observe the International Space Station crossing your sky?
Install our 3D tracker for Android devices and you have just to point your phone to the sky and follow the line to find the ISS. You can also track the Station 24 hours a day with a 3D view of the Earth, constellations and more than 15.000 stars. A simple count down will inform you when you can actually see the ISS with the naked eye. Visit this web page for more details or for downloading the App.

News from Space and Spaceflights

18/12/2014 - India successfully launched its biggest ever rocket on Thursday, including an unmanned capsule which could one day send astronauts into space, as the country ramps up its ambitious space programme. The rocket, designed to carry heavier communication and other satellites into higher orbit, blasted off from Sriharikota in the southeast state of Andhra Pradesh. "This was a very significant day in the history of (the) Indian space programme," Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman K.S R ... (source: - more...)

17/12/2014 - The next Falcon 9 v1.1 set to launch out of Florida’s Cape Canaveral scrubbed a Static Fire attempt on Tuesday. The Static Fire is required ahead of the upcoming mission to loft the CRS-5/SpX-5 Dragon to the International Space Station (ISS). Unspecified issues with the rocket is likely to slip the launch – as late as early January, although SpaceX isn’t commenting at this stage. (source: - more...)

17/12/2014 - The Indian Space Research Organisation has launched the first test flight of its newest rocket – the GSLV Mk.III – on Thursday, conducting a suborbital flight that also demonstrated a prototype crew capsule (CARE) for India’s proposed manned missions. Liftoff from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre occurred at 09:30 local time (04:00 UTC). (source: - more...)

17/12/2014 - The team responsible for the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument suite on NASA's Curiosity rover has made the first definitive detection of organic molecules at Mars. Organic molecules are the building blocks of all known forms of terrestrial life, and consist of a wide variety of molecules made primarily of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. However, organic molecules can also be made by chemical reactions that don't involve life, and there is not enough evidence to tell if the matter found ... (source: - more...)

16/12/2014 - The "tsunami wave" that NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft began experiencing earlier this year is still propagating outward, according to new results. It is the longest-lasting shock wave that researchers have seen in interstellar space. "Most people would have thought the interstellar medium would have been smooth and quiet. But these shock waves seem to be more common than we thought," said Don Gurnett, professor of physics at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. Gurnett presented the new data Monday, ... (source: - more...)

15/12/2014 - NASA experts are evaluating the use of a modified version of the famous Space Shuttle launch and entry suit – or Advanced Crew Escape Suit (ACES) – for use not only during launch and re-entry for crews riding in Orion, but also for use on spacewalks (EVAs), such as during the proposed Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) in the middle of the next decade. (source: - more...)

14/12/2014 - The Russian workhorse rocket, the Proton M, is conducting its 400th launch in the early hours of Monday, tasked with lofting the Yamal-401 satellite into orbit. The International Launch Services (ILS) mission will take nine hours to complete, following launch – at 00:16 UTC – from Pad 24 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. (source: - more...)

12/12/2014 - United Launch Alliance has conducted its final launch of 2014, making use of a new upper stage engine on its Atlas V rocket to deliver a National Reconnaissance Office payload into orbit. Friday’s launch of NROL-35 dodged the weather and occurred at 19:19 local time (03:19 UTC on Saturday) from Space Launch Complex 3E at Vandenberg Air Force Base. (source: - more...)

11/12/2014 - Orbital Sciences has announced new details in its plans to resume cargo flights to the International Space Station (ISS) and to accelerate the introduction of an upgraded Antares launch vehicle. In formulating its go-forward plans, the company's primary objective is to fulfill its commitment to NASA for ISS cargo deliveries with high levels of safety and reliability and minimum disruption to schedules. As previously announced, these plans are expected to allow Orbital to accomplish all remai ... (source: - more...)

10/12/2014 - Testing on the laser weapon system, dubbed LaWS by the Navy, took place from September to November aboard the Austin-class amphibious transport dock. Implementation of the weapon was not only historic, a release from the Navy said, but it also proved such a system could be "operated seamlessly with existing ship defense systems." "Laser weapons are powerful, ... (source: - more...)

10/12/2014 - Following the 20,000+ mph return of the Exploration Flight Test -1 (EFT-1) Orion last week, the spacecraft is enjoying a more leisurely series of transits. After completing the ride back to port in the belly of the USS Anchorage, Orion is taking a cross-country road trip that should result in her returning to the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) by Christmas. (source: - more...)

10/12/2014 - China's domestically developed global navigation satellite system Beidou will be fully operational by 2020, Xinhua news agency reported Tuesday citing the head of China Aerospace Science and Technology corporation. "The system's completion will help nurture a satellite navigation industry chain, producing economic and social benefits in diversified fields, including mapping, telecommunications and disaster relief," Lei Fanpei, was quoted as saying by Xinhua. By the beginning of the next deca ... (source: - more...)

09/12/2014 - Observations by NASA's Curiosity Rover indicate Mars' Mount Sharp was built by sediments deposited in a large lake bed over tens of millions of years. This interpretation of Curiosity's finds in Gale Crater suggests ancient Mars maintained a climate that could have produced long-lasting lakes at many locations on the Red Planet. "If our hypothesis for Mount Sharp holds up, it challenges the notion that warm and wet conditions were transient, local, or only underground on Mars," said Ashwin Vasavad ... (source: - more...)

08/12/2014 - Repairs to the Antares launch facility at Wallops Flight Facility are expected to be completed within 12 months, in time for the return of the Orbital rocket – in her upgraded propulsion configuration – for a hot fire test at the end of 2015. The dramatic failure of the CRS-3/OrB-3 Antares launch resulted in damage to Pad-0A, although large areas of the complex were spared from the resulting explosion. (source: - more...)

06/12/2014 - The fifth cooperative mission between China and Brazil was launched at 03:26UTC on Sunday. In what was a milestone 200th launch for the Chinese rocket fleet, the CBERS-4 satellite was lofted by China’s Long March-4B from the LC9 launch complex at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. (source: - more...)

05/12/2014 - A new US space capsule, Orion, circled the Earth twice before plunging into the ocean Friday in a flawless test flight that opened a new chapter in human deep space travel. The mission was the first in more than four decades of a new US spacecraft intended to carry humans to the Moon, an asteroid, or Mars. "We as a species are meant to push human presence into the solar system, and this is a first step," said NASA associate administrator for human exploration, Bill Gerstenmaier. The unmanned ... (source: - more...)

03/12/2014 - Japan on Wednesday launched a rocket carrying a space probe destined for a distant asteroid, just weeks after a European spacecraft's historic landing on a comet. The H-IIA rocket blasted off from Tanegashima Space Center in the south of the country at 1:22 pm (0422 GMT) after delays due to bad weather. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) sent the probe, Hayabusa2, on a six-year mission. The 31-billion-yen ($260-million) project will send the explorer towards the 1999JU3 asteroid i ... (source: - more...)

02/12/2014 - After launching from Cape Canaveral, Florida atop a powerful Delta IV rocket at 7:05 am (1205 GMT), the unmanned spacecraft should circle the Earth twice and reach a height of 3,600 miles (5,800 kilometers), more than 15 times the altitude of the orbiting International Space Station. The crew capsule ... (source: - more...)

24/11/2014 - A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying Italy's first female astronaut has safely docked with the International Space Station, NASA said. Samantha Cristoforetti, along with Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov and American astronaut Terry Virts, arrived at the orbiting space lab on the Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft at 0249 GMT Monday, NASA said. "A new vehicle has arrived. The Soyuz is confirmed as attached properly," high above the Pacific Ocean, NASA television added. Cristoforetti, Virts and Shkaple ... (source: - more...)

16/11/2014 - The European Space Agency (ESA)on Sunday unveiled images of the probe Philae after it bounced while making its historic landing on a comet last Wednesday. The discovery came thanks to painstaking follow-up analysis of a series of pictures ESA had released on Friday, the agency said. The photos appeared to show only a trail of dust kicked up by Philae when it touched down and rebounded after a pair of harpoons, designed to anchor it to the comet's surface, failed to work. But closer scrutiny ... (source: - more...)

Visual SAT-Flare Tracker 3D - Online

Thank you for using Visual SAT-Flare Tracker Online
In this page you can track satellites in real time, predict passes and flares.
(the 3D desktop version is still available for download)

This page is interactive so you can change the time by means of the following keys:

[s] Increase time by 1 second
[S] Decrease time by 1 second
[m] Increase time by 1 minute
[M] Decrease time by 1 minute
[h] Increase time by 1 hour
[H] Decrease time by 1 hour
[d] Increase time by 1 day
[D] Decrease time by 1 day
[0] Real time (reset time changes)
More options and commands are available through the ADVANCED button.

Earth Map Legend

Red Line Satellite's Orbit projected on the ground
Blue Line Ground Flare Track (it represents the location where the reflection hits the ground, which is where the flare brightness reaches its maximum.
Green Line Reflected ray that hits the ground generating the flare.
Black Line Shadow ground track (it represents the location where the satellite can be seen crossing either the Sun disk or the Moon disk)

Full Screen

Photo credit: Oleg Artemyev


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