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International Space
Station - ISS
HD Video from
ISS cams (with overlay)
+Flare Predictions
In this page you can track in real time all the satellites orbiting the Earth, with both 2D and 3D interactive representations, predict their passes, view their trajectory among stars on an interactive sky chart, predict satellite flares and transits (across the Sun and the Moon), find out the best location to see these events on a detailed Google map. You can also follow satellite re-entries and other special events, join the observer community, post messages and share your comments and observations. Currently in our database we have more than 9000 observation reports!. You won't find any other tracker that provides all these functions!

Read Observers' Reports! is the only website that has a public DB of satellite observations where you can search for flare reports

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Do you want to observe the International Space Station crossing your sky?
Install our 3D tracker for Android devices and you have just to point your phone to the sky and follow the line to find the ISS. You can also track the Station 24 hours a day with a 3D view of the Earth, constellations and more than 15.000 stars. A simple count down will inform you when you can actually see the ISS with the naked eye. Visit this web page for more details or for downloading the App.

News from Space and Spaceflights

02/10/2015 - NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has returned the best color and the highest resolution images yet of Pluto's largest moon, Charon - and these pictures show a surprisingly complex and violent history. At half the diameter of Pluto, Charon is the largest satellite relative to its planet in the solar system. Many New Horizons scientists expected Charon to be a monotonous, crater-battered world; instead, they're finding a landscape covered with mountains, canyons, landslides, surface-color variations a ... (source: - more...)

02/10/2015 - United Launch Alliance has conducted its hundredth launch Friday with a rare commercial mission on behalf of Lockheed Martin to deploy Mexico’s Morelos-3 spacecraft. The launch, which made use of an Atlas V rocket flying out of Cape Canaveral, launched at the end a twenty-minute window that opened at 06:28 local time (10:28 UTC). (source: - more...)

01/10/2015 - How can humans best protect the Earth from a potentially devastating asteroid impact? Could our ability to study an asteroid assist with both planetary defense and sending humans farther into our solar system? Once humans have advanced their space-exploration capacities, what should a future mission to Mars look like? Making the public part of discussions such as these is the result of an innovative partnership between NASA and a network led by ASU's Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes (CS ... (source: - more...)

01/10/2015 - A Russian Progress resupply ship is preparing for a six-hour trip to the International Space Station (ISS) on Thursday. Launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan by a Soyuz-U rocket – with a T-0 of 16:49 UTC – the Progress M-29M will be tasked with lofting three tons of supplies to the orbital outpost. (source: - more...)

30/09/2015 - Arianespace has conducted its fifth Ariane 5 mission of the year with the launch of two telecommunication satellites. Sky Muster (NBN Co 1A) and ARSAT-2 rode uphill on the European workhorse, with the launch taking place on schedule at 20:30 UTC from the European Spaceport in Kourou on Wednesday. (source: - more...)

30/09/2015 - NASA and Boeing are ramping up their preparations to begin full-scale production of the first Space Launch System (SLS) Core Stage assembly. The schedule calls for the completion of the Exploration Mission -1 (EM-1) Core Stage in time to be shipped to the Stennis Space Center for a full stage test firing in 2017. (source: - more...)

29/09/2015 - New findings from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) provide the strongest evidence yet that liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars. Using an imaging spectrometer on MRO, researchers detected signatures of hydrated minerals on slopes where mysterious streaks are seen on the Red Planet. These darkish streaks appear to ebb and flow over time. They darken and appear to flow down steep slopes during warm seasons, and then fade in cooler seasons. They appear in several locations on ... (source: - more...)

28/09/2015 - Opportunity is within 'Marathon Valley' on the west rim of Endeavour Crater conducting a walk-about survey for clay minerals. The rover's current location within Marathon Valley with its high walls to the north and west presents a challenge for low-elevation Ultra-High-Frequency (UHF) relay passes to the west. On Sol 4141 (Sept. 17, 2015), no data were received as the orbiter's flight path was below the elevation on the valley ridgeline. On that sol, the rover did successfully perform an in- ... (source: - more...)

28/09/2015 - Japan’s HTV-5 cargo vehicle has departed the International Space Station (ISS) on Monday ahead of a fiery plunge back to Earth. The spacecraft – which initially suffered from an ISS-related release failure – delivered vital supplies both for the crew and the Station itself during its mission, with its final role now involving a cargo of ISS trash that will be disposed of during its destructive re-entry on Tuesday. (source: - more...)

27/09/2015 - India’s first dedicated astronomy satellite, AstroSat, was launched into a low Earth orbit on Monday atop the country’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. Along with six foreign satellites, AstroSat lifted off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, at 10:00 local time (04:30 UTC). (source: - more...)

24/09/2015 - As NASA continues to develop their plans for delivering humans to the Martian system in the 2030s, a Technical Interchange Meeting has outlined two potential hardware launch sequence options for NASA’s upcoming heavy lift rocket, SLS, that would enable the space agency to utilize SLS’s capabilities while realizing human exploration of Mars. (source: - more...)

24/09/2015 - Following the successful debut launch of the Long March-6 rocket just days previous, China has now debuted the new Long March-11 solid launch vehicle, orbiting three “Tianwang-1″ satellites with Portuguese technology on board. The launch, which included at least one other small satellite – Pujian-1 – took place at 01:41 UTC on Friday from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. (source: - more...)

23/09/2015 - NASA is going to Mars, and here on Earth, the agency's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, is the first stop for building the world's most powerful rocket for the ride - the Space Launch System (SLS). The SLS will be NASA's first exploration-class vehicle since the Saturn V took American astronauts to the moon more than 40 years ago. It will expand our reach in the solar system, launching crews aboard the new Orion spacecraft to explore multiple, deep-space destinations. A fleet o ... (source: - more...)

23/09/2015 - A Russian Rokot launch vehicle – with a Briz-KM Upper Stage – has successfully launched from the Plesetsk space center in northern Russia, carrying three Rodnik satellites along with potentially another – as yet unnamed – bird. The launch took place at 22:00 UTC on Wednesday. (source: - more...)

22/09/2015 - As NASA continues to mature a mission and support architecture path toward its much heralded endeavor of landing humans on Mars, the agency’s under-development heavy lift SLS rocket now stands to take on a primary space transportation role via a rapidly increasing flight rate designed to support human missions to Phobos by 2033 and to the surface of Mars by 2039. (source: - more...)

21/09/2015 - When Ariane 5 flight VA226 launches on September 30, the orbital slot for the 81 West geostationary position will finally get its long-term dweller that it has been promised for over 17 years. Riding along with the Sky Muster satellite, ARSAT-2 is the second geostationary satellite designed and manufactured in Argentina (and all of Latin America). (source: - more...)

19/09/2015 - China initiated a new era in its space exploration with the debut of a new family of launch vehicle. The first Long March-6 (Chang Zheng-6) rocket was successfully launched from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, with a multi-payload cargo of 20 small satellites. Launch took place at 23:01:14.331 UTC on Saturday. (source: - more...)

18/09/2015 - Space explorers will travel to prefabricated colonies on the Moon, Mars and elsewhere, says the Self-deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments project (SHEE). SHEE is developing domiciles to be deployed on alien worlds, the brain-child of architect Ondrej Doule, to be used as the European Space Agency's first autonomously deployed space habitat. The SHEE habitat is a hybrid structure comprised of rigid, inflatable and robotic components. The prototypes would integrate living and workspace to opt ... (source: - more...)

17/09/2015 - Over two months after its historic flyby of Pluto, New Horizons is sending back a stream of data, helping its science teams answer outstanding questions about the dwarf planetary system and explore new mysteries surrounding Pluto’s formation and its relationship with the Kuiper Belt and the solar system. (source: - more...)

16/09/2015 - NASA’s Orion spacecraft has passed a critical milestone via the Key Decision Point -C (KDP-C) process, allowing the Agency’s commitment to the program’s technical, cost, and schedule baseline. While the first crewed launch of Orion remains on track for 2021, NASA has opted to install a “No Later Than” date of mid-2023, to allow for the contingency of future budget and technical issues. (source: - more...)

15/09/2015 - Blue Origin is setting up base on the Space Coast after announcing an agreement to take over the historic Launch Complex 36 (LC-36) at Cape Canaveral. The announcement will result in over 300 jobs being created as Blue Origin set up its home base for production and launches – set to included its new orbital rocket flying with its BE-4 engine. (source: - more...)

14/09/2015 - A Russian Government Proton-M was action on Monday, tasked with lofting the Ekspress-AM8 communications satellite on what was a multi-hour flight to a geostationary orbit via its DM-03 Upper Stage. The Russian workhorse launched from its traditional home at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 19:00 UTC, prior to a successful spacecraft deployment. (source: - more...)

14/09/2015 - Due to customer demand, Virgin Galactic claims it has nearly doubled the amount of payload that customers can deliver to orbit on its LauncherOne system – ranging from 200 kg into the standard Sun-Synchronous Orbit, or 400kg to LEO – for less than $10m. The company claims it is now in the process of acquiring its own dedicated carrier aircraft for the system. (source: - more...)

12/09/2015 - A super-secretive satellite was launched by China from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center on Saturday. Launch of the unknown spacecraft – unofficially claimed to be the Communications Engineering Test Satellite -1 (TXJSSY-1) – took place at 15:40 UTC using a Long March-3B (Chang Zheng-3B) rocket, as the Chinese continue their build up in space. (source: - more...)

11/09/2015 - A new influx of money has saved the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) from collapse, but what does the future hold for our quest to discover intelligent life in the Universe? In July 2015 Russian billionaire philanthropist Yuri Milner announced that his Breakthrough Prize Foundation would donate $100 million over the course of 10 years to fund the biggest SETI project ever attempted. Prior to this, the field of SETI had effectively been the pauper of the astronomical sciences, shorn ... (source: - more...)

11/09/2015 - Expedition 44 commander Gennady Padalka – along with visiting crew members Andres Mogensen and Aidyn Aimbetov completed their journey home on the Soyuz TMA-16M spacecraft on Friday. Undocking from the International Space Station (ISS) occurred at 21:29 UTC, ahead of the trio touching down on the steppe of Kazakhstan at 00:51 UTC. (source: - more...)

10/09/2015 - An Arianespace Soyuz ST-B has successfully lofted another pair of Galileo satellites from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana on Thursday. The launch of the FM05 and FM06 satellites took place on schedule at 02:08 UTC, continuing the growth of Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) constellation. (source: - more...)

09/09/2015 - The first “Full Thrust” Falcon 9 first stage has begun a test sequence that is understood to involve two static fires on a new test stand at SpaceX’s test facility in McGregor, Texas. The stage, unofficially assigned to the launch of the SES-9 satellite in November, is expected to undergo a short firing this week, ahead of a full duration firing next month. (source: - more...)

08/09/2015 - The Exploration Mission -1 (EM-1) Orion is now being welded together at the Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) in New Orleans ahead of its 2018 flight with the maiden launch of the Space Launch System (SLS). Orion is also in the process of completing its all-important paperwork, as the Critical Design Review (CDR) process continues ahead of its key meeting in October. (source: - more...)

07/09/2015 - SpaceX engineers are busily processing the Falcon 9 fleet for a salvo of missions that will mark the company’s return from the CRS-7 failure. The replacement of helium bottle support struts – one of which is suspected to have caused the CRS-7 mishap in June – is being conducted alongside additional changes, as SpaceX prepare for up to four launches by the end of the year, starting with a preliminary RTF date in November. (source: - more...)

04/09/2015 - Using laboratory instruments typically used to make semiconductor devices, space weathering of airless bodies in the Solar System has been simulated, allowing researchers to better determine the ages of their surfaces, states a new paper by Kimberly R. Kuhlman of the Planetary Science Institute. "'Space weathering' is a catch-all term for what happens to surfaces exposed to the environment of space over time. This includes the micrometeorite impact damage and redeposition, effects of UV radiation, ... (source: - more...)

04/09/2015 - Boeing has officially revealed the name for its CST-100 capsule that will ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station under NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. The capsule, Starliner, will be built inside a former Space Shuttle Orbiter Processing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center — which was officially unveiled Friday morning. (source: - more...)

02/09/2015 - The trio - including the first Danish citizen ever to fly into space - blasted off in the Soyuz TMA 18M rocket on schedule at 0437 GMT from the same launchpad that Yuri Gagarin used for his historic entry into the cosmos in 1961. "The crew is doing well, everything is in order onboard," relayed mission control at Baikonu ... (source: - more...)

02/09/2015 - United Launch Alliance (ULA) is set to deploy the US Navy’s fourth MUOS satellite Wednesday, with an Atlas V carrying the communications spacecraft into a geostationary transfer orbit. Launch, from Space Launch Complex -41 (SLC-41) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, is expected at 09:59 UTC, the start of a 44-minute window. (source: - more...)

31/08/2015 - The first flight of Orbital ATK’s Enhanced Cygnus resupply craft for the International Space Station is set to launch in December atop an Atlas V rocket. Helping Orbital ATK return to flight operations, the Enhanced Cygnus spacecraft will allow the company to meet their initial CRS cargo up-mass contract with NASA in just four more missions. (source: - more...)

28/08/2015 - International Launch Services (ILS) has returned the Proton M rocket to flight via the launch of the Inmarsat-5 F-3 communications satellite part of the Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) system on a multi-hour flight to its transfer orbit. Launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan took place on schedule at 11:44 GMT, followed by a successful deployment of the satellite. (source: - more...)

27/08/2015 - Confirming the rumors that have circulated over recent days, China has launched another new satellite in the military s Yaogan Weixing series via the use of a Long March-4C (Chang Zheng-4C) rocket. The mission began with liftoff at 02:31 UTC on Thursday, from the LC9 launch complex at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. (source: - more...)

27/08/2015 - A former Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME), that never gained the honor of pushing a Space Shuttle into orbit, has completed an important role that is part of the preparations to launch the Shuttle’s successor. RS-25 Engine 0525 completed its seventh static fire at the Stennis Space Center on Thursday and will now be replaced by flight engine 2059 on the A-1 Test Stand for the next test series. (source: - more...)

26/08/2015 - The Orion Program has successfully conducted another parachute drop test over the U.S. Army’s Yuma Proving Ground in the Arizona desert, testing failure scenarios with the Drogue and Main parachute system. Wednesday’s test comes after a recent safety briefing warned of crew health concerns relating to a pendulum effect where Orion spacecraft under the parachutes. (source: - more...)

25/08/2015 - Perched on the top of the 3,200-metre (10,500-foot) high Mount Entoto, two metal domes house telescopes, each a metre in diameter. Operational for only a few months, the specialized equipment - the first in eastern Africa - has propelled Ethiopia into an elite club of African countries to have embarked on a space programme. For Ethiopia, Africa's sec ... (source: - more...)

25/08/2015 - United Launch Alliance (ULA) has completed its first processing flow utilizing Off-site Vertical Integration (OVI) ahead of the upcoming Atlas V/MUOS-4 mission. The process involves several structural elements – and the Centaur upper stage – being integrated at the indoor Delta Operations Center (DOC) – as opposed to at the pad – potentially shaving a week off flow timelines. (source: - more...)

23/08/2015 - The Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle-5 (HTV-5) resupply spacecraft successfully arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) on Monday. Following its launch into space from the Tanegashima space center Wednesday. HTV-5 arrived at the orbital outpost for capture at 6:28 AM EDT, ahead of an berthing at 10:02 AM EDT – marking a welcome delivery of critical supplies and research cargo to the orbital outpost. (source: - more...)

21/08/2015 - NASA’s veteran Pegasus barge – used to transport Space Shuttle External Tanks from Louisiana to Florida – has completed refit operations in Louisiana for its critical role in transporting the massive core stage of the new SLS rocket from its production facility in Louisiana to various NASA locations throughout the southern United States. (source: - more...)

20/08/2015 - Arianespace has conducted its fourth Ariane 5 mission of the year with the successful launch of two telecommunication satellites. Eutelsat 8 West B and Intelsat 34 rode uphill on the European workhorse, with the launch taking place from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana at 20:34 UTC after a short technical delay. (source: - more...)

17/08/2015 - NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) is continuing to make relatively good progress during its development path, according to the Agency’s key Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP). The latest status update on the top issues – ranging from crew safety items of interest to overall schedule – overviewed the main challenges known as “Red Risks”. The ASAP note these risks appear to be “going down, although they have not yet been eliminated”. (source: - more...)

14/08/2015 - The Gemini Planet Imager has discovered and photographed its first planet, a methane-enshrouded gas giant much like Jupiter that may hold the key to understanding how large planets form in the swirling accretion disks around stars. The GPI instrument, which is mounted on the 8-meter Gemini South telescope in Chile, is the size of a small car and was designed, built and optimized for imaging and analyzing the atmospheres of faint Jupiter-like planets next to bright stars, thanks to a device that ma ... (source: - more...)

13/08/2015 - The European space probe Rosetta captured a range of scientific data Thursday as it trailed an ancient comet past the Sun which could help scientists better understand the origins of life on Earth. During its run before the Sun the probe collected particles and gas put off by the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko as it delivered a solar heat-driven fireworks show of gas jets and shed about a tonne of dust per second. The samples as well as images Rosetta took of the comet as it came within 186 mi ... (source: - more...)

13/08/2015 - Ten years after launch, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has revealed the Red Planet's diversity and activity, returning more data about Mars every week than the weekly total from all six other active Mars missions. And its work is far from over. The workhorse orbiter now plays a key role in NASA's Journey to Mars planning. Images from the orbiter, revealing details as small as a desk, aid the analysis of potential landing sites for the 2016 InSight lander and Mars 2020 rover. Data from th ... (source: - more...)

12/08/2015 - Arianespace’s future launchers, the Ariane 6 and Vega C, have moved into the next phase of their development, following the signing of contracts – between the European Space Agency, Airbus Safran Launchers (ASL), France’s CNES space agency and ELV – on Wednesday. Ariane 6 is expected to conduct her maiden flight in 2020 while Vega C will come online in 2018. (source: - more...)

12/08/2015 - NASA has conduct another static fire test firing of RS-25 engine number 0525 on Thursday at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, continuing development and adaptation of the engine for use with the Space Launch System (SLS). The test was number six in the opening series of seven static fires tasked with gathering development and certification data. (source: - more...)

11/08/2015 - Boeing has successfully completed numerous critical milestones in the first half of 2015 for their CST-100 capsule and commercial crew launch services plan for NASA as the aerospace company continues on its intricate path toward a scheduled crewed flight debut in 2017 – despite numerous funding shortfalls and future funding uncertainties from the United States Congress. (source: - more...)

10/08/2015 - Two Russian cosmonauts on Monday added new equipment outside the International Space Station and took pictures to study its exterior during a five-and-a-half hour spacewalk. The outing was the 188th in support of the space station and the 10th of Gennady Padalka's career, a veteran cosmonaut and grandfather who is serving as commander of the ISS. In June, Padalka, 57, set the world record for the most time spent in space with a total of 803 days. His spacewalking partner was Mikhail Kornienk ... (source: - more...)

10/08/2015 - Russia will conduct a series of international experiments with simulated flights to the Moon, Mars and other planets between 2016 and 2020, the first deputy head of the Institute of Biomedical Problems told RIA Novosti on Thursday. Oleg Orlov said that the new experiments would include a mixture of sexes for the crews, as opposed to the previous Mars-500 and Luna-2015 simulations. "After the Luna-2015 program with a crew of six female volunteers ends in 2015, we plan to begin a whole series ... (source: - more...)

10/08/2015 - While the astronauts in the US segment of the International Space Station (ISS) are working on returning their spacesuits to full service, the Russian segment is preparing for another, somewhat routine, extravehicular activity (EVA). RS EVA-41 will be the only Russian spacewalk of 2015 – set to begin shortly after 10 a.m. Eastern on Monday. (source: - more...)

07/08/2015 - A NASA camera aboard the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite captured a unique view of the moon as it moved in front of the sunlit side of Earth last month. The series of test images shows the fully illuminated "dark side" of the moon that is never visible from Earth. The images were captured by NASA's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC), a four megapixel CCD camera and telescope on the DSCOVR satellite orbiting 1 million miles from Earth. From its position between the sun and ... (source: - more...)

07/08/2015 - Orbital ATK’s Cygnus spacecraft is set to return to International Space Station (ISS) resupply duties in December, hitching a ride on an Atlas V, prior to resuming operations with the modified Antares rocket in 2016. Cygnus has been out of action since the CRS-3/OrB-3 failure that occurred in October 2014 – with the full investigation results yet to be released to the public. (source: - more...)

05/08/2015 - Swiss company RUAG will be setting up base at United Launch Alliance’s Decatur facility in Alabama, following a deal to further strengthen their cooperation. RUAG are best known for their production of payload fairings for a number of launch vehicles. However, the deal is also aimed at providing additional composite hardware specific to ULA’s Vulcan rocket. (source: - more...)

05/08/2015 - The International Space Station (ISS) Program has named Kirk Shireman as its new manager, following the departure of Mike Suffredini. The news came hours after NASA administrator Charlie Bolden modified the Agency’s contract with Roscosmos, to the tune of an extra $490m, to cover projected delays to the Commercial Crew Program. (source: - more...)

30/07/2015 - The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced Paolo Nespoli is to return to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2017. The veteran Italian astronaut will be making his third trip to the orbital outpost, following missions in 2007 and 2010 – the latter concluding with stunning and unique photography of Shuttle Endeavour docked to the Station. (source: - more...)

28/07/2015 - US safety officials on Tuesday accused the builders of a commercial space vehicle of failing to factor in human error that caused its disintegration over the Mojave Desert last year. The National Transportation Safety Board said the deadly crash could have been avoided if Scaled Composites, which built the vehicle for Virgin Galactic, had anticipated potential piloting mistakes and installed systems to avert the premature brake deployment that downed the SpaceShipTwo. The pilot was injured but s ... (source: - more...)

27/07/2015 - SpaceX CEO and Chief Designer Elon Musk has ordered the installation of contingency abort software into all future Dragon cargo spacecraft, providing them with an option to deploy their parachutes after an off-nominal launch scenario. Such software may have allowed the CRS-7 Dragon to save herself after she was thrown free of the failing Falcon 9 during June’s ill-fated launch. (source: - more...)

26/07/2015 - Ten years ago today, the Space Shuttle Discovery left the Kennedy Space Center on STS-114. The flight, filled with hopes, aspirations, and emotions, marked the first step in returning the Shuttle to flight following the loss of Columbia and marked the beginning of a new journey and vision for NASA. But getting to launch day for STS-114 was a difficult and safety-conscious endeavour. (source: - more...)

25/07/2015 - China launched a new pair of navigation satellites in the move to advance the completion of the Phase III of its Beidou program. The launch took place at 12:29 UTC from the LC launch comple of the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, using for the first time the combination of the Long March-3B rocket with the new Expedition-1 (Yuanzheng-1) upper stage. (source: - more...)

Visual SAT-Flare Tracker 3D - Online

Thank you for using Visual SAT-Flare Tracker Online
In this page you can track satellites in real time, predict passes and flares.
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This page is interactive so you can change the time by means of the following keys:

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Earth Map Legend

Red Line Satellite's Orbit projected on the ground
Blue Line Ground Flare Track (it represents the location where the reflection hits the ground, which is where the flare brightness reaches its maximum.
Green Line Reflected ray that hits the ground generating the flare.
Black Line Shadow ground track (it represents the location where the satellite can be seen crossing either the Sun disk or the Moon disk)

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Photo credit: Oleg Artemyev


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