Visual SAT-Flare Tracker 3D


v3.4 - 23 April 2014

This new version can download TLEs also from McCants' site

This program downloads the FULL SATELLITE CATALOG from Space-Track 2.0 and from McCants' site
(A bulk file containing the latest TLE of each object*)

The Space-Track's network traffic is minimized retrieving only those TLEs that changed after your last download.
Either 2-line or 3-line formats can be downloaded.
If you choose the 3-line format, the program retrieves automatically (maximum once a day) the list of satellite names.

All the downloaded catalogs are automatically archived in the Archive folder.

Download Bulk Updater/Downloader (450 kB)

Usage: simply launch UpdateBulk.exe
More instructions are provided in the readme.txt file

*The program can also download all the TLEs that changed (including multiple TLEs issued for a single object) since your last download.
See the readme.txt file for instructions

This program runs on Windows systems. If you need a binary version for Linux please get in touch.
Send suggestions, problems and comments to

Try also the online old-friendly user interface

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